solid color silk ties

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Matching solid color silk ties

When matching a tie to your attire you typically have to consider four main things: The colors, the patterns, the fabrics, and the occasion. Of all this, solid color ties are easiest to match.

The colors:

Solid colored ties come in a wide range of colors from a plain black tie to a bright pink necktie. Since solid color ties only have a single color, it is crucial that the color of the tie harmonizes with the colors found your suit, dress shirt, shoes, and belt. A contrast is a desired effect, and it is recommended that a plain and classy white dress shirt gets matched with all bright necktie colors. Darker color ties such as burgundy red, and dark blue matches quite well with light blue dress shirts.

The patterns:

A solid color tie is patternless making it the easiest necktie to match with patterned dress shirts such as striped shirts or checkered shirts. As long as the colors harmonize, the solid color necktie is great to wear with patterned dress shirts.

The fabrics:

Pay attention to how heavy the fabrics of each piece of clothing are. Lighter fabrics are worn in the summer, and heavier/thicker fabrics are meant for the winter fashion. Combine fabrics that are suited to each season.

The occasion:

Pay attention to the psychology of color. Wearing a bright red necktie speaks of confidence and boldness, and is often times worn by outgoing personality types. More conservative colors are darker shades of blue, and red (maroon and burgundy). For black tie event wear a black bow tie or a solid color black necktie. The time of the day also has an effect of the necktie color chosen: Lighter necktie colors during the day, and darker ties during the evening.