solid color silk ties

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Styles of solid colored ties

Although solid in color, there are many different ways to weave the fabric of the tie to create a unique look, shimmer, or fabric. Below are some examples of solid colored ties. Each tie only uses one color fabric, but differnt weaving techniques give each tie a unique look.

solid color red silk tiesolid red silk tie stripes

Solid color ties: Solid color tie made from smooth satin silk fabric (left), solid color necktie with striped pattern created by weaving a single colored silk yarn in different directions.

solid red tie ribbed patternsolid red necktie

Solid color silk ties: Solid color tie made from a ribbed pattern silk fabric (left), Solid color tie that has structured thin stripes (right).

solid color pink ties

solid color silk ties wide stripes

Solid color silk ties: Solid color pink tie with tiny square pattern (left), Solid color red tie with wide stripes (right)

Just by differnt weaving techniques unique fabrics are created from on single colored yarn. If you want an exact color match but don’t like the bright shine of the smooth silk tie, choose a solid color tie that has a little more structrue in the fabric. Besides giving off less shine, the tie will be less formal. Stains also won’t show as easily.