solid color silk ties

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The different shades of colors

Experts often times speak of CMYK color matching to create a particular color shade. CMYK stands for Cyan (a shade of blue), Magenta (a red shade), Yellow, and Black. With those four colors more than 16 million different shades are possible - much more colors than the human eye could distionguish from.

CMYK color match is most important for the printing and the off-set industry. Companies making an advertising for example need to make sure that the color on the printed material exactly matches their signature color. Take Coca-Cola for example with its trademark shade of red.

pantone color chart

In 1962 Lawrence’s Herbert founded a company in New Jersey called Pantone Inc, a specialist in color matching. Pantone set a standard in this industry and is still today an industry world wide leader. Today we often describe colors in form of “pantone colors” that describes a particular shade in form of letters and numbers.

When describing colors in textiles, most textile manufacturers create yarns to copy the pantone charts. For the necktie industry, the differnt types of yarn are soaked in a dye created from the four basic colors (CMYK). Creating true colors isn’t easy, and often times are not an exact match. This is partially due to the medium that is being dyed. Silk yarn simply doesn’t take on colors the same way as printing materials do.

Creating a wide range of colors for solid color ties:

The majority of ties are made from silk, but over the past few years other materials have gained a lot of popularity. One of the most commonly used alternative to Silk is Microfiber, a blend of polyester and polyamide. This mix makes it possible to create a miroscopic thin yarn that creates a very soft and smooth textrure when woven into fabric. The great advantages of microfiber textile for necktie manufacturing is that the yarn is very easy to dye into many differnt shades of colors. If you are looking for a particular solid color necktie to match a company uniform or the color of a company logo, then a true color match can be created using microfiber fabrics. Once the fabric is dyed and has soaked up all the color, the fabric is also very stain resistant. This makes ties made from microfiber a popular uniform necktie for restaurants.

Although textile manufactures decribe their differnt yarns using numbers and letter, and often even the pantome color chart, most tie manufactures describe the color of their ties in a differnt fashion that is more easy to understand by a non textile color designer. Most necktie manufactures describe their colors using something similar to the color wheel that has been in use for over 100 years.

color wheel for neckties